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Passionate About Inspiring Others

In 2018 I became a Co-pastor of Allstars International Church in Los Angeles, California. However that was not the start of my journey to truth and self awareness. After 10 years in Birmingham, England, were I studied Visual Communication and Design, I moved to California in 2000, to produce and direct films. As part of that journey I also worked as an educator from K-12 to College over the last 21 years. In business, the acquisition of real estate, intellectual property, publishing and serving God, exposes me to multiple level of life's experiences and challenges that many of us go through to achieve a balanced life and success. My position as a Pastor, Educator and Businessman, provides me the platform to help and share my experiences with you and we find the true essence and purpose of your life.

Being your Personal Life Coach is a personal journey, God revealed this new role to me in a dream and my sister in Law, Chioma Ezenagu confirmed it with a session I had with her. It was a free business session but she said "I will pay you and I'll be your first client for this information you're sharing with me". God sits at the foundation of all the value I will bring to your life and I return the Glory back to him, as we manifest the best version of your life.


  • Pastor at Allstars International Church

  • Executive Producer, American Film Awards

  • Bestselling Author


  • BA (Hons) Design, University of Wolverhampton

  • MBA Management & Strategy, Western Governors University

  • MA Family Counseling, Anew Life Bible Institute